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Our story starts out years ago when I learned the phrase, ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place.’ Then it hit me while putting the silverware away in its drawer. It was easy to do. Most of us have been doing this since we were kids, helping mom emptying the dishwasher. We’d pull it out and put it a way. Or our laundry. We would take large piles of clean clothes, sort them, fold them (or flip over a few times to look like it was folded), then put away.

Then it hit me, ‘why can’t we do this with other piece of our home, our work, or where ever needed?’ I know for some of you reading this, you’re thinking ‘I am so not an organizing type!’ Exactly! For those of us that are, let us help you. Let us give you some guidelines that can help you get piece of mind in everyday chaos.

I am by no means saying you are messy and I am OCD neat. The best barbers have the worst haircuts. What this means is that I am very good and helping others keep organized. I know first hand what unorganized looks like. What I have learned is that keeping certain things in order can help you keep balance and sanity.

Trust me! I have two kids. If you walk into their room after dropping them off at school each morning, you will find one room with a nicely made bed, pajamas at the foot of the bed, wet towels from morning showers hung up and no clothes on the floor. When I walk into the other daughters room, I have to step over clothes in order to grab the wet towel lying on the unmade bed. And of course turn the light out as I leave.

My kids are a great example of how different we all are. Years ago there was a television show called The Odd Couple. It was based on two male roommates and how different they were in their living styles. I hope this site can add some insight and perspective of why a little bit of organization can go a long way. Don’t look at it as a chore, look at it as a lifestyle that will free you up to enjoy other things in life.

Julie Bridwell
Julie Bridwell

Julie is the founder of Organizemama. Her passion for organizing comes from her Lean Six Sigma Project Management training. She also holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Management.

She believes in the saying “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

If Julie is not organizing something, she is enjoying the outdoors with her two girls and her husband.